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Rumors of the death of American comedian and host Ellen Degeneres have puzzled fans around the world as the strange hashtag # RIPEllen continues to appear on Twitter.

Some have speculated on social media that the comedian and the talk show megastar have died.


Ellen DeGeneres during the recording of The Ellen DeGeneres ShowCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

Online speculation arises when reports have emerged. Ellen’s notes for her longtime show were on the slide.

Is Ellen DeGeneres dead for real or is she just “dead” for some people?

Why is #RIPEllen trending on Twitter?

Ellen has been in hot water recently, and reports have spread that her famous The Ellen DeGeneres Show could get the ax because of bad grades.

The good news is that Ellen is not dead.

The wild accusation is just a word on the street, although it is not clear who started the rumors.

Social media users quickly realized that this was all a hoax and hijacked the hashtag.

People started sharing false obituaries and Ellen’s memes falling from the roof.

A Twitter user wrote: “Ellen da formulated … she feels out of an omg roof”

Photos of celebrities and characters who even share a slight resemblance to Ellen have also been posted online.

“I’m in shock, stay Ellem #ripellen,” tweeted a Twitter with a photo of Katy Perry.

Another shared a photo of The character of Jane Lynch by Glee, saying “#ripellen fly high, angle”

Why did his grades go down?

Ellen is certainly not the popular host that she was.

Ellen DeGeneres’ longtime talk show continues to drop ratings after rumors have spread that the popular host is “mean” to those around him.

The program dropped to a new record, the reaction against the 62-year-old refusing to release.

According to TVNewsCheck, the Ellen DeGeneres Show would have dropped 14 percent to a new season 17 low of 1.2.

his put the series behind Live with Kelly and Ryan, who had a 2.0, and Dr. Phil, with a 1.5.

Just a few weeks ago, he tied Dr. Phil at 1.5, his lowest rating in the previous season, but has since continued to slide.

The number of viewers began to decline after former employees, colleagues and guests claimed that Ellen was “mean”.

The actor faced low ratingsCredit: EllenTube

Why do people accuse Ellen of being mean and rude?

Several people who have worked with or visited Ellen’s show come forward to denounce her sunny image, claiming that behind the scenes, the actress is a different person.

Former crew members and guests hit the host claiming that she was very different from her cheerful television personality.

“Is she always nice? No, “said a former staff member.

“It irritates me that people think it is very soft and light and that it gets away with it.”

The host was recently the subject of a viral Twitter feed focused on the subject, DeGeneres was the “meanest person alive”, encouraging people to share any personal stories they had to validate the theory.

  Ellen DeGeneres is `` at the end of her rope '' because rumors say that she is `` nasty '' and `` cheap '' creeping in the middle of the lock4
Ellen DeGeneres is “at the end of her rope” because rumors say that she is “nasty” and “cheap” creeping in the middle of the lockCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

Comedian Kevin T. Porter tweeted, “Right now, we all need a little bit of kindness. You know, as Ellen DeGeneres always talks about!

“She is also notoriously one of the nastiest people in the world. Answer that with the craziest stories you’ve heard about Ellen being mean and I’ll match each with $ 2 to @LAFoodBank. ”

Television writer Benjamin Siemon replied to Porter’s tweet with, “She has a” sensitive nose, “so everyone has to chew gum in a bowl in front of their desk before talking to them and if they think you smell that day, you need to go home and take a shower. ”

He also tweeted, “A new staff member has been advised:” Every day, she chooses someone different to really hate. It’s not your fault, suck it up for the day and she’ll be mean to someone else the next day.

“They didn’t believe it, but it ended up being entirely true. “

  The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air for 17 seasons4
The Ellen DeGeneres Show has been on the air for 17 seasonsCredit: James Devaney / GC Images

Why did Ellen compare self-isolation to prison?

In April, Ellen faced a barrage of criticism after comparing her self-isolation in a multi-million dollar mansion to her detention.

“One thing I learned from being in quarantine is that people – it’s like being in prison, that’s what it is,” said Ellen jokingly.

The clip was filmed in an armchair overlooking vast lawns and grassy mountains.

She laughed and continued: “It’s mainly because I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 10 days and everyone here is gay”,

The joke has pleased people on social media, especially since millions of Americans are unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ellen did not respond directly to the online reaction.

What is Ellen’s equity?

Ellen earns about $ 50 million a year from her talk show, according to Variety.

His net worth is estimated at nearly $ 500 million.

The Louisiana native had her first big break when she appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1986.

Later, she appeared in the eponymous television series Ellen from 1994 to 1998 and has hosted her unionized talk show for almost two decades.

The actress has dozens of film and TV series credits, including the hugely popular Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Ellen has also written five books, including Home in 2015.

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