Why Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie admits she had a ‘meltdown’


On this week’s episode of 90-day fiancé: forever happy? Colt Johnson and his mother, Debbie, are in Brazil. They arrived after Colt was invited to see his girlfriend, Jess Caroline, with her family. It’s been an eventful journey, and it’s only been a day. Read on to find out why Debbie admits she had a ‘fit’.

Colt Johnson and Debbie land in Brazil

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie | savagecoltj via Instagram

Colt is invited to Brazil by his girlfriend, but of course his mother had to come for the trip as well. They land in Brazil, and it’s already embarrassing. Debbie insists that she has to go back to the hotel to go to bed, and when they get to the room, that’s exactly what Debbie does. But Jess goes into the room to talk to her, which isn’t going very well. Debbie insists they either let her sleep now or take her to the hospital soon. Eventually, she is left alone and able to rest.

Why Colt Johnson’s mother Debbie admits she had a ‘meltdown’

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The next day, Debbie is alone in the room after Colt and Jess have gone to find separate accommodation, since Colt has only booked a suite for the three. Colt comes to his mother’s room to see how she is. Debbie is having breakfast on the porch when she is greeted by her son.

“My mother and I have just arrived in Brazil, and yesterday she was really tired. She basically kicked Jess and I out of the room, ”Colt tells the cameras. “I feel like my mom isn’t a fan of Jess. It worries me that Jess and my mom can’t get along.

Colt goes to his mom’s bedroom to make sure she’s okay and to let her know the way she behaved the next day wasn’t right. However, Debbie seems to know to some extent based on what she is saying.

“Yesterday Colt and I flew over 15 hours, and it was overwhelming, and I had a bit of a seizure,” Debbie tells the cameras.

The conversation turns to Jess Caroline

Debbie tells Colt that she’s glad they both have separate bedrooms, as that would be “awkward.” She was happy to listen to the ocean. Colt keeps telling his mom that Jess is “loud,” which is a weird thing to say to a parent.

He also tells his mother that he spoke with Jess, and she thinks Debbie is mad at her or thinks she did something wrong.

“Well, you were talking in the car about a future and kids and getting married, and it’s like we’re only here for an hour, and all of a sudden you’re…” Colt interrupts and says he has known Jess for “quite a while now.”

“Not long enough,” Debbie insists. Colt says he has known Jess longer than he has known his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. Debbie responds by saying that it hasn’t worked out very well. Colt explains that it’s “fun” to talk about a future with Jess Caroline.

The trip has already got off to an eventful start. We’ll keep you posted with the latest news regarding Colt Johnson and his mom Debbie.


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