Why Ally Could Be In The Second Season Even If She And Dave Separated


In a 30-minute comedy based on the life of Lil Dicky, Dave, the main character, and his girlfriend, Ally, broke up due to his dedication to his rap career. Even though the adorable couple are no longer together, fans could still see Ally in the second season.

Dave Burd, GaTa and Taylor Misiak of “Dave” speak during the FX segment of the Winter TCA Tour 2020 | Amy sussman

Dave and Ally split up in episode 9

FXX comedy Dave opens with the main character in a serious relationship with the elementary school teacher, Ally, and the two seem very much in love. However, they experienced intimacy issues due to Dave’s insecurity about how his genitals behaved after having had multiple surgeries as a child. The school teacher nevertheless accepted his boyfriend.

They later experienced a breakthrough in their relationship when Dave realized how much he loved his girlfriend when she showed up at an industry party where he went to Justin Bieber’s house.

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After having a great time together and taking some autotune vocal notes that he plans to use for his debut album, they went to his sister’s wedding. Unfortunately, their relationship worsened when Dave focused on an upcoming deal rather than her as she wanted help with her bridesmaid speech.

The aspiring rapper admitted that he would always put his career ahead of her, and the two ended up parting.

Is Ally based on Lil Dicky’s girlfriend?

Because the show is based on the real life of rapper Lil Dicky, many longtime fans believe that Ally is correlated with her ex, Molly. He released a song titled after his ex-girlfriend on Professional rapper, his rookie album, where he raps the choice of music rather than his relationship.

In a Reddit AMA, a fan asked him about the song, and Lil Dicky admitted that they had broken up because of his career. He noted that he could not “put it in front of me by making my dreams come true.” In a screening of Deadline Virtual House, Lil Dicky said he had a girlfriend early in his rap career, but wouldn’t say if Ally is specifically based on her.

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However, he admitted that he and his ex had broken up because his career and relationship “couldn’t go in the same direction”, like what happened in Dave.

The rapper also admitted that he “still had tears in his eyes” watching the end of Episode 9 when the main character came home alone after the wedding because it was based on his life and “so good turned”.

Why Ally Could Be In The Second Season Of ‘Dave’

Lil Dicky also shared how he played Taylor Misiak, who plays Ally, at the screening of Deadline Virtual House. Although the two had already met in 2017 when she played the lead female role for his 2017 clip, “Pillow Talking”, he and the casting team auditioned more people than any other role before doing it. enter.

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The rapper also said that he and the writers are talking about putting Ally in season two, even though she and Dave have broken up because of how much he enjoys working with her.

Therefore, viewers could see Ally’s reaction to the breakup or her response to listening to their self-tuned vocal note on his album as he teased.


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