Why A. A. P. guidelines are pushing the schools to reopen this fall


While I am talking to the administrators of the school, most include temperature controls. The guidelines of the academy have warned that this could be impossible and take of the teaching time. Can you tell us more about the reasons why you are skeptical about the right strategy?

Although the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? In this case, if it means that students gather, this could increase the risk of spread. And we don’t have any solid evidence that the detection of the temperature is useful. This is for two reasons. First, many children who have Covid-19, perhaps the majority, never have fever. Use the fever as a screen and assume that it’s going to be enough? You will be missing a child. And many fevers will not be Covid-19. Children should not attend school with fever, the final destination.

While you are preparing these guidelines, the emergence of the potential inflammatory syndrome pediatric linked to Covid-19 influence you?

We talked about it. It is in any case a rare condition. And so, this is something that we need to pay attention and understand what is the cause and the best treatment. We must also point out that even children who have fallen very ill, the vast majority of them have recovered and are well worn.

The guidelines insist on the fact that the teachers and members of the school staff must remain physically apart as far as possible and to arrange meetings at a distance. But I hear a lot of teachers. Frankly, many are afraid to return to school before a vaccine is available. Some have told me that they felt that their health was seen as a loss. What is your message for them?

We are pediatricians. We are not educators. We don’t want to walk in the space in which we do not belong. But what I would say is that it depends on the level of risk for the individual person. Every district I’ve talked to here in Colorado? They are important considerations for their teachers, trying to understand how to keep them safe.

There are two or three things that we know now that we didn’t know when we’ve closed schools in march. The first is that the masks seem to really work. They are very effective. Secondly, the physical distance also works. If they take as many precautions as possible, I think the risk is quite low.


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