Who plays Dr. Alex Park?


Who plays The good doctoris that Alex Park? Here’s everything Showbiz Cheat Sheet knows about Will Yun Lee.

Dr. Alex Park on “The Good Doctor”

Will Yun Lee en tant que Dr. Alex Park | Art Streiber via Getty Images

Dr. Alex Park is a former police officer who decided to change careers and become a doctor. He served in the police department for 15 years. He has a son named Kellan, but they are not in the best condition. Kellan feels like Alex’s attention is focused on his work, and he doesn’t believe his father really cares about him.

At the end of The good doctor Season 3 finale, Alex calls his ex-wife Mia and tells her that he wants to go home so he can be closer to her and their son. The earthquake and the experience of seeing a teenager (Casey Taylor) die was too much to bear. Casey almost died thinking that his father would hate him if he admitted he knew about his mother’s drug addiction but said nothing.

Alex’s interaction with Casey made him think of his own son and their relationship. He took this situation as a sign that it was time to rebuild his relationship with Kellan. At this time, it is unclear whether Alex will return to San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

Movies and TV shows by Will Yun Lee

Will Yun Lee made his TV debut in a 1997 episode Nash Bridges titled “Gun Play”. The following year, he appeared in an episode of the television series Profiler. Lee made his film debut in the 2000 film What is cooking? He played the role of Jimmy Nguyen. Lee then joined the cast of Witch’s Blade in 2001. He played detective Danny Woo until the series ended in 2002. His other acting roles include appearances in Waterfall, Hawaii Five-0, San Andreas, and Real blood.

The most profitable films of Will Yun Lee

Lee’s most profitable film to date is San Andreas, with more than $ 456 million in worldwide box office revenue. This includes more than $ 155 million at the national box office and more than $ 301 million internationally. His other high-profit films include The glutton, with more than $ 416 million in worldwide box office revenue; Unleashed, with more than $ 428 million in worldwide box office revenue; and Die another day, with $ 431.9 million in worldwide box office revenue.

What Will Yun Lee Likes To Work On “The Good Doctor”

Lee tells TV Insider he likes to work on The good doctor because the show doesn’t focus on race or gender. The stories focus on people and the problems they face. Lee congratulates designer David Shore for his ability to produce a show that appeals to so many people, regardless of their origin or gender identity.

“The amazing thing is that David Shore created this world where race or gender is not the main theme,” says Lee. It’s a TV show about humans and hope. There have been so many projects in which I have been cast where if my character exists in this world, it is because I am Asian. ”

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