Who is Katie Price’s new boyfriend? Why Carl Woods seems familiar to reality TV fans


Katie Price went public with her new boyfriend Carl Woods.But reality TV fans may wonder why he looks so familiar.

The new handsome Carl de Katie, 31, appeared on Love Island in 2016, although his stint was very brief.

Car salesman Carl was one of four new boys sent to the villa for a speed dating series, but unfortunately has failed to become a permanent fixture.

Carl, from Hertfordshire, was sent to the villa alongside wrestler Adam Maxted, singer Luke White and computer sales manager Rob Dawe in June 2016.

In his biography for the ITV2 dating show, he boasted of hitting the gym five days a week, being a Channing Tatum lookalike, and said that half of his body was covered in tattoos.

Katie has a new man

He also wanted to mention that he has a fleet of 30 cars.

He had broken up with his fiancée 18 months before trying his luck on the show.

When asked what made him different from the other guys in the villa, he replied, “None of them look like Channing Tatum. Being a Channing Tatum lookalike is a bonus to say the least. I am told that I look very much like him. “

Carl was on Love Island in 2016

He boasted of owning 30 cars

He said he had his eye on Zara Holland and Kady McDermott, saying, “If they are paired, I will gladly take one of them from the guys. I like to go for what I want. I don’t let someone bother me. ”

And when asked which of his comrades was his biggest competition, Carl replied, “I don’t even understand what the word competition means. ”

Katie and Carl are said to have been introduced by a mutual friend a month ago and have been secretly dating since.

Katie would be crazy

They released their romance and were photographed kissing and meeting together on a date.

A source told The Sun Online, “Katie was not looking for love or a serious relationship, but just weeks after meeting Carl, she fell on him.

“She is surprised at how quickly they clicked. He is her ideal man, really: he has a job and his own money, he is in good shape, they laugh – and she really wants him.

“He told her he was not interested in celebrity or any other” Mr. Pricey “- he just wanted to be with her. “


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