Who is eligible for free masks in France?


French Health Minister Olivier Véran was asked yesterday about how low-income people can afford to buy enough masks to follow the country’s new, stricter rules on wearing masks.During a session of questions to the government in the National Assembly, the socialist deputy for Mayenne, Guillaume Garot, asked how the French state would help people in difficulty to afford masks, estimating that it would cost 200 € per month for a household with two children to buy enough masks.

Mr. Véran replied that the most vulnerable people in France could obtain free masks, in accordance with the wishes of Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the scientific council. who advised the government during the coronavirus crisis.

He cited low-income people who currently benefit from complementary solidarity health (which replaced the old CMU-C) and people eligible for AME (for some immigrants such as refugees), such as those who will be entitled to free masks.

The AME is one of the measures taken by France to fight against exclusion. This health protection is intended for foreign nationals in an irregular and precarious situation, residing in France for more than three months and having limited income.

“Early [in the pandemic] the state distributed five million free masks per week through the CCAS [communal centres for social action] and the municipalities ”, declared Mr. Véran during the session at the National Assembly.

“In addition, two million French people – those who are in a vulnerable situation – can be reimbursed for their masks on prescription,” he added.

Mr Véran went on to say that he encouraged people to wear reusable masks as much as possible, saying one of them can be purchased for € 1.80 and can be washed and used 30 times. He also added that the government may soon be sending free masks to those who need them most by post.

Some cities have also organized their own programs to distribute free washable masks to residents.

From Monday July 20, wearing a mask is compulsory in all closed public spaces in France.

An enclosed public space includes shops, supermarkets and covered markets.

Saturday July 18, Mr. Véran tweeted: “Wearing a mask will be compulsory in confined spaces, as announced by [Prime Minister] Jean Castex. This includes shops, establishments open to the public, covered markets, banks… ”

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