White Sox defeated Cubs in first round of Crosstown false game


The Cubs lost their first practice game in 130 days tonight, and it was so cool just going into baseball mode for a while.The White Sox won 7-3 at Wrigley Field tonight. The fake crowd was very amused.

What matters most is that Kyle Hendricks looked healthy and prepared for the season ahead, and the Cubs trained against another baseball team. I would have celebrated only in a troll-y way if the Cubs had won (still if they win tomorrow), but that wouldn’t have meant anything. So it is with a loss this evening. It is practice. I was very happy to see him. Even right now, as I try to think of how much tonight’s game does not have means in the expected future performance, I am happy. I missed baseball.

A solo shot from Jason Kipnis, a Nico Hoerner fly and an inside dribbler David Bote. That was it for tonight’s offense for the Cubs. A decent amount of hard contact that didn’t do anything but the point is to see a live pitch. Dude, it’s gonna be such a limited training dose for these guys.

It didn’t seem to hurt the White Sox against Jharel Cotton. He followed Hendricks and gave up the double, double, double, triple to straight hitters, and each of them was a rocket. You don’t want an exhibition appearance to matter too much, but let’s be realistic here. There are only three exhibition games in total, and then the season begins. You would have to have a lot of confidence in Cotton this evening so that the appearance has no impact on your thinking. It’s also worth remembering that Cotton came to the Cubs as part of a reclamation project. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way – just that it wasn’t a given that he could slip right into the bullpen or the rotation and pull it off.

I have no idea how Dan Winkler places the ball anywhere near the plate considering the wild and maximum effort of his delivery, but the fast ball has a good climb and it just seems like it’s a bit off-putting at batting for guys. I still have results this evening.

For as doubtful as Rowan Wick looked in the spring, he looked perfectly fine tonight. Good life on the fastball, incredible cut on the curved ball. I’m going to need him to be good right out the door.

(Photo par Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)


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