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Trump administration released details of nearly 4.9 million business loans – from sole proprietors to restaurant and hotel chains – as part of the federal government’s largest coronavirus rescue program to date , the $ 669 billion paycheck protection program.

The data, including the names of the program’s main borrowers, was released Monday morning on the website of the Small Business Administration, which ran the program with the Treasury Department.

The disclosures, which occur after members of Congress and others have expressed concern about the level of transparency surrounding the P3, do not provide complete details on the loans. The names of companies that have borrowed less than $ 150,000 – a group that includes the vast majority of program borrowers – have not been released. In addition, loans from larger borrowers have only been disclosed within wide ranges of values, such as $ 5-10 million.

The program, hastily adopted by Congress in March, was designed to provide small businesses with loans of up to $ 10 million, based on an enterprise’s average monthly payroll before the pandemic. Loans can become grants if borrowers use the product primarily to pay workers – some expenses are allowed for rent and overhead.

Over 73,800 organizations in Louisiana have been approved for $ 7.3 billion in potentially repayable loans through the Federal Paycheck Protectio…

For these loans under $ 150,000, the agencies disclose specific loan amounts as well as industry codes, postal codes, number of jobs supported and other data – but no personal information on the loan. ‘borrower.

Below is a database of loans over $ 150,000 for organizations in Louisiana.

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