Which High School Musical star has higher net worth, Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale?


The actors Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale have been working in show business for years. Despite many more recent projects, the two are still recognized for having played in the High School Musical franchise. They are also close friends. So who has the highest net worth?

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens acted together in “High School Musical”

Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens (R) Attend Breakfast with Cast of “High School Musical” December 16, 2005 | Mark Mainz / Getty Images

Tisdale and Hudgens were two stars of the original 2006 Disney Channel film High School Musical. Hudgens played Gabriella Montez, a new student who auditions for the main role of her school’s musical. She faces Sharpay Evans (Tisdale), who will do everything she can to win the role herself.

The two resumed their roles in the sequel to 2007, where Sharpay is now after Gabrielle’s boyfriend, Troy (Zac Efron). Finally, the trilogy ended with the High School Musical 3: last year, where all the students work to get into college and say goodbye to high school and to each other.

Hudgens has diversified his career with live specials and other projects

Hudgens made his theater debut before moving to Los Angeles to work. She had a small role in the 2003 film Thirteen across from Evan Rachel Wood. Next the HSM success of the franchise, she released an album with Disney’s Hollywood Records.

In the years that followed, Hudgens appeared in films such as spring breakers, Give me shelter, and Act two. She starred in the short-lived sitcom Powerless and starred in live music specials such as Fat and Rental. Most recently Hudgens starred in the action movie Bad boys for life.

Tisdale makes music and does a lot of dubbing

Tisdale also started playing very young, appearing in series such as 7th Heaven, Charm, and Malcolm in the middle. His film debut was in Donnie Darko, although it hasn’t had much success on the big screen since. Tisdale obtained his first lead role with the Disney sitcom The sequel to Zack & Cody just before HSM took off.

After the music franchise, Tisdale remained affiliated with Disney. She provided Candace’s voice in Phineas and Ferb as well as all of its iterations. Tisdale has released three albums, the latest being 2019 Symptoms. And she took the job behind the camera, running the production of the Freeform series Young and hungry.

How did Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale meet?

Today, the two are closer than ever. For Tisdale’s birthday on July 2, 2020, Hudgens posted a collection of photos of the two on Instagram, writing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OG BESTIE”, adding: “Ash and I started at the bottom now here we are !!! ” She also explained how the two became friends.

“We met at a business hearing and our friendship took off. Next to the high school musical, go around the world, do a LOT of shopping, basketball games and lots of roses. Now, as adults, we are busy helping each other decorate and renovate our homes, “wrote Hudgens, praising Tisdale’s” loving and fun spirit. “

Who has higher net worth, Vanessa Hudgens or Ashley Tisdale?

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Although Tisdale’s credit list is longer than Hudgens, she has not brought in as much as her longtime friend. However, their net worth is comparable. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Hudgens is worth around $ 14 million, while Tisdale’s net worth is around $ 10 million.


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