Where does the mist in the Thompson-Okanagan come from? – Kelowna News


If you have noticed a mist overhanging the interior of southern British Columbia in recent days, you are not alone.

Castanet has received numerous calls regarding the source of the mist, so we contacted Environment Canada experts.

Environment Canada meteorologist Armel Castellan said that at first, some thought the mist could be linked to a plume of Saharan dust heading for the Gulf of Mexico, but they have since almost completely rejected the idea.

“We think there are two other sources that are more likely to bring smoke that is causing these foggy conditions,” says Castellan. “Fires in southern Washington are the most likely source of smoke, and there is also the possibility of transpacific transportation from Siberia. ”

Castellan says that the fire season in Russia is more advanced than ours at this time of year, so it is possible that the jet stream is carrying smoke into our region.

Castellan says that he has checked several sources of air quality and that all the values ​​are quite low, which means that there is no particular threat at the moment.

“It doesn’t reach the surface as much, or if it does, it is in such small amounts (of particles) so as not to pose a serious threat to people’s health, at least currently. ”

The BC Wildfire Service also kept an eye on the situation, “we think it could be the result of a mass of southern air that crosses the region and brings smoke north of fires in the United States.”

Category 2 surface burning has been permitted at the Kamloops Fire Center since June 19, after it was determined that the conditions were sufficiently humid to permit burning.

Castellan says that the meteorological model that we have known, which brings humid and cooler conditions, has helped to prevent forest fires “, this weather is very useful in terms of the dispersion of atmospheric basins (smoke or particles). There are movements in the atmosphere, so these types of particles should be of a transient nature. ”

This means that anything that brings the mist should not last long.


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