What would Australia mean to the British in France


In fact, there is no comprehensive trade agreement between Australia and the EU, trade between them mainly follows the rules of the World Trade Organization, including tariffs on many goods, although ‘there are agreements for specific goods.Such a naked relationship would have implications for the British who hope to move to France in the years to come after the Brexit transition period.

This is due to the fact that the UK has now ruled out the possibility of extending the transitional period beyond 2020. Until the end of June it had the right to request an extension of a year or two, but it has refused to do so and said he would have refused if the EU had asked.

Negotiations continue between the two sides this summer to reach an agreement, but time is extremely limited.

The EU wants to sign a comprehensive treaty, covering a wide range of subjects ranging from trade and fisheries to judicial cooperation and social security. The UK’s preference is for several treaties, including a separate EU / UK social security agreement.

The latter should include rules on issues such as social security for temporary and posted workers, the coordination of pension contributions in the UK and the EU, the continuation of Ehic-type coverage for the health care of travelers and the continued increase (annual increases) in British State Pensions for Britons who settle in EU countries after the transition period.

The EU has also expressed its willingness to maintain some form of S1 system for health care coverage for state retirees who move abroad, as well as the exportability of disability benefits, but the UK Uni did not request it.

However, going with the rules of Australia would be an extremely simple arrangement and probably should not include any of them. The likely result would be that for one of them to continue, the United Kingdom would have to sign a new bilateral social security convention with France, at an unknown date.

This existed before the UK joined the EU and included an increase in pensions. It did not include an automatic fee for healthcare for expatriate retirees, for example, which means that France could bill British retirees.

British state pensions are not increased for those who move to Australia

The UK is not currently increasing (annual increase) the state pensions of anyone moving abroad outside the EU / EEA to countries – such as Australia – with which it has not bilateral social security agreement.

As regards health care for visitors, the United Kingdom has agreements on this subject with certain non-EU countries, but the provisions are generally not as comprehensive as the ‘Ehic’ program of the EU. For example, there is a reciprocal health agreement between the UK and Australia, but this does not include any care for pre-existing conditions, unlike Ehic.

UK travel advice for Australia therefore includes a recommendation to take out full travel medical insurance.

It is important to note that the increase in pensions, S1 forms and exportable disability benefits will all be maintained for Britons benefiting from the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA), viz. those who reside in France before the end of the transition period (December 31, 2020) and obtain one of the new WA residence cards for the British in France.

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