What Manchester United could lose by missing out on Champions League football


Manchester United are fighting hard to secure a place in the Champions League next season, knowing the cost of missing a game would be substantial.The Reds are in the perfect position for the final round of matches, with just one point against Leicester City, enough to deny the Foxes a top-four spot and ensure Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men return to the best competition European next season.

United failed to draw 1-1 with West Ham on Wednesday but the result actually lifted the club to third place in the table thanks to Chelsea’s 5-3 loss to Liverpool and the 3-0 defeat. from Leicester to Tottenham last Sunday.

Solskjaer’s side have 63 points and only pass Chelsea on goal difference, while Leicester are one point behind the duo with the same goal difference as United but a lower goal record.

A draw would be enough for United and Leicester if Chelsea lose at home to Wolves, but the more likely scenario is that Foxes must win.

If that happened and Chelsea scored at least one point, the Reds would miss out on a significant amount of money that would have come to them had they reached the Champions League.

There is a difference of around £ 2million per final position in the Premier League which means the prize money for fifth is 4million less than for third.

For reaching the Champions League group stage – which is automatic for every top four in England – each team receives around £ 13.8million, compared to £ 2.6million in the Europa League.

In the Champions League you also get a bonus of £ 2.4million per win, compared to £ 519,000 in the Europa League.

The former also offers £ 820,000 for a raffle, with the latter giving away € 190,000.

If a club progresses into the Europa League group stage, they receive € 1million for finishing the group and £ 455,000 for finishing second.

Clubs are also given an extra £ 455,000 just for reaching the last 32, whether in the group stage or from the Champions League, and an extra £ 1million to advance to the knockout stages.

The Champions League, of course, does not have a round of 16, nor does it divide the prizes for the first and second in the group stage.

Instead, clubs receive a whopping £ 8.6million for reaching the round of 16.

At the quarter-finals stage, that drops to £ 9.5million, from £ 1.3million in the Europa League, while the semi-final earns the club £ 10.9million from £ 2.1million of pounds sterling.

Each club in the final gets a prize, but that of course depends on whether they win the competition.

The finalists receive £ 13.6million in the Champions League and € 4.5million in the Europa League.

The Champions League winners receive £ 17.3million against a £ 7.7million prize in the Europa League.

Thus, over the entire competition, depending on the distance traveled by a club, there is a great disparity between the two competitions.

In total, the Champions League winner can rack up a total of £ 75.1million against a total of £ 19.4million in the Europa League.

* Statista figures. Figures do not include market pool payments.


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