“What if I don’t comply?” Republican Indiana lawmaker releases photo of .45 caliber handgun in response to GOP governor’s mask order


  • A Republican state lawmaker posted a photo of a handgun alongside the Pocket Constitution in response to Indiana GOP Governor Eric Holcomb’s mask mandate.
  • “What if I don’t comply, Governor Eric Holcomb?” State Representative Jim Lucas wrote in his Facebook post with the photo.
  • Other GOP officials, including the state attorney general, have also questioned the legality of the decree, which goes into effect on July 27.
  • The Conservative lawmaker has already drawn criticism on other controversial social media posts.
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A lawmaker in the Republican state of Indiana released a photo of a .45 caliber handgun Thursday evening in response to Governor Eric Holcomb’s mask warrant announced a day earlier.

“From Monday the governor wants to lock me in a cage for 180 days and fine me $ 1,000 if I do not wear a mask that does not have published performance standards,” wrote Jim Lucas, who has served his Southern District since 2012 on Facebook. “What if I don’t comply, Governor Eric Holcomb?”

The handgun message alongside a Constitution pamphlet quickly gained attention, which Lucas later updated to add: “For those who blow this out of proportion (again) , this image is NOT a threat to anyone! ”

“It is an image that I have used countless times over the years that best shows our FREEDOM and constitutional rights and IS NOT A THREAT! “, We read in the message, which has since been made unavailable.

Publication Facebook Lucas Indiana

Indiana Rep.Jim Lucas via Facebook

Holcomb, a Republican, has issued a requirement to wear a mask following a continuing rise in coronavirus cases in the state. Indiana reported its highest one-day peak since the start of the pandemic on Thursday, with a total of 954 new cases. The last daily record was on April 26, when 946 people were confirmed positive.

“Face masks can – and will – help us mitigate this increase. This has happened in other places across the country, even around the world, ”Holcomb said in a briefing Wednesday. “It’s a matter of time now. ”

Holcomb reported that the order is being implemented to help tackle the outbreak before the next school year.

“We, as Hoosiers, have worked very hard to get to where we are today,” added the governor. “We want this to continue. ”

Other GOP officials in the state, including Attorney General Curtis Hill, also criticized the legality of the executive order, which goes into effect on July 27 and requires anyone aged 8 and over to wear a face mask in indoor public spaces. Violations would result in a Class B offense, punishable by a fine and up to six months in prison.

Lucas said he planned to draft a bill to “nullify that level of power because a person never intended to have so much power in a constitutional republic,” he shared. on Facebook.

This isn’t the first time Lucas has come under scrutiny for questionable social media posts. Earlier this year, the state legislator was removed from two committees and demoted after posting a racist meme of black kids dancing with the words “We’re going to have free money!”

His office did not immediately return a request for comment on Friday.


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