What can we learn from Amy Schumer’s pregnancy docuseries? | Culture


Amon Schumer, the 39-year-old actress and comedian, spends a large part of Expecting Amy, the three-part docu series about her first year of marriage, her pregnancy and the development of her 2019 Netflix special, Growing, bent over and vomiting. Afflicted with hyperemesis or acute morning sickness, Schumer prepared for persistent nausea and a thousand blows, many of which were filmed by her husband, sister or friends. There is the comic strip, hours before a show, which gushes out in a plastic bag, at the door of a car, in the toilet bowl at 3 am; one day before filming Growing in a comedy club in New York, she is in the back of another car on the way to the emergency room, dehydrated and vomiting. “Oh shit, what about the recording? Asks from the seat before her husband, chef Chris Fischer, whom she married on Valentine’s Day 2018. “It seems a little improbable,” she manages, because she has not kept any food or water for days.


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