West Yorkshire lockdown likely limits mapped as coronavirus rates skyrocket


Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford have all been put back into lockdown, with tough new government measures taking effect from Friday July 31.Health Secretary Matt Hancock made the announcement around 9 p.m. Thursday, stating that “we are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep people safe.”

A number of parts of Greater Manchester have also been put on lockdown again after rising infection rates, while Leicester is subject to the new rules, having come under scrutiny in recent weeks after quickly becoming the most contagious area in the country .

The only official directive given immediately after the announcement was that people from separated households are no longer allowed to be inside.

This means that people are not allowed to mix with other households (except those in their supportive bubbles) in private homes or gardens. Two separate households also cannot meet in bars, pubs or restaurants.

Which areas are likely to be locked out?

Besides using very general terms, the government has yet to comply with the specific areas that will be subject to the new rules.

Judging by the precedent set in Leicester – when an accurate map was released the day after the lockdown was announced – we could wait until some time on Friday before we know the exact areas to be affected.

However, if we take the explanation of Calderdale, Kirklees and Bradford as a wide range, it will mean that dozens of West Yorkshire towns will be subject to further restrictions.

The Bradford Metropolitan District boundary

If you were to follow metro district boundaries, places such as Bradford, Bingley, Shipley, Ilkley and Silsden could all be placed under lockdown.

The Calderdale Metropolitan District boundary

Further south, at Calderdale, the lockdown could extend as far west as Todmorden and as far east as Brighouse. Hebden Bridge, Sowerby Bridge and Halifax may also be included, with Ripponden and Illingworth also threatened.

The boundary of the metropolitan district of Kirklees
The boundary of the metropolitan district of Kirklees

Meanwhile, with Kirklees on lockdown, a number of bustling towns could be put back under the new measures alongside Huddersfield. Residents of Cleckheaton, Batley, Heckmondwike, Dewsbury, Mirfield and Holmfirth will all look forward to seeing how badly the borough will be affected.

Breaking the news shortly after 9pm, Mr Hancock said: ‘We are constantly reviewing the latest data on the spread of the coronavirus, and unfortunately we have seen an increase in the rate of transmission in parts of northern England.

“We have worked with local leaders across the region, and today I chaired a meeting of the Local Action Gold Committee. Based on the data, we decided that in Greater Manchester, parts of West Yorkshire and East Lancashire, we need to take immediate action to keep people safe.

“The spread is largely due to households getting together and not respecting social distancing. Thus, from midnight tonight, people from different households will not be allowed to meet indoors in these areas.

« Greater Manchester: Blackburn avec Darwen, Burnley, Hyndburn, Pendle, Rossendale. Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees.

“The same restrictions will apply to the city of Leicester.

“We are taking this action with a heavy heart, but we can see increasing rates of covid across Europe and we are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep people safe. “


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