Welcome to the quarantine of cohort with the Vancouver Canucks


The training camp of the Vancouver Canucks is scheduled to begin on 10 July.

In this period strange COVID-19, the self-isolation is a necessary thing.

The mandate of the canadian government is that any person coming from abroad must be isolated for 14 days. If a person is infected by the virus at the origin of COVID-19, most show symptoms well before 14 days. It is widely accepted that if you do not develop symptoms within 14 days, you do not have the new coronavirus.

A person in self-isolation regular is allowed to go out, but you should avoid close contact with other people. Ideally, others are able to pick up groceries and other supplies for you, and then use the methods without contact, to deliver.

For the major part of the team of the Vancouver Canucks, similar rules will be in effect upon their return to Vancouver before the training camp, which should always start on the 10th of July. The only difference is that players are allowed to go to the arena to Rogers for training sessions; rules of self-isolation normal would prohibit such an activity.

“When we discussed with the province the nomination of the town pivot, it had approved the concept of quarantine of cohort”, said the assistant general manager of the Canucks, Chris Gear. “The bubble had to be the hotel and the ice rink.”

The nomination of the central city has not materialized for Vancouver, but the provincial government has agreed to extend the concept of quarantine of cohort in the present period of the phase 2 of the Canucks, where the players are skating in small groups at the Rogers Arena, but not under the direction of a coach.

There’s only a handful of Canucks who are exempt from participating in the quarantine of cohort: Chris Tanev, Alex Edler, Jake Virtanen and Troy Stecher, who all remained in the Lower Mainland while the league was on a break. Jay Beagle and Brandon Sutter, who returned home in Alberta, would also be exempt if they were to lead, and not to take the plane back to Vancouver.

The rest of the team, whether it’s one of 17 players returning from the united States, Sweden or Finland or returning from elsewhere in Canada, will have to spend time in the bubble of quarantine of the cohort.

The players all sit in a section demarcated at the J. W. Marriott Parq Vancouver, where they can be delivered food in their rooms, either by the room service of the hotel, either by a selection of local restaurants via the configuration Canucks Marketplace.

The international players will be in the bubble for 14 days, the players from other parts of Canada, like Bo Horvat or Antoine Roussel, will spend eight days mandated by the league in the bubble.

The ‘ goalie coach Ian Clark had returned to the United States and is isolated from him-even at the hotel. Head coach Travis Green has spent much of the last three months with his family at his home in the off-season in Irvine, California, but is income there is 16 days and has spent his period of self-isolation of 14 days in her condo in Vancouver and was out again in public.

The players were divided into four groups: the local group that is not quarantined; the Canadians who have had to travel with commercial airlines; and 17 international players, who were divided into two groups.

The four groups are kept isolated from one another, including the two international groups. Each group uses its own locker room at Rogers Arena. The training facilities of the arena were thoroughly cleaned between sessions of each group.

“Of course, it is strange,” said the striker Elias Pettersson Thursday during a video chat, Zoom with journalists. “Just walk up to the rink and back to the hotel. It is a little boring, but it is what it is. ”

Pettersson said he was looking at emissions streaming – Brock Boeser has presented to him A girl chats, for example – and also has its PlayStation 4.

Players are allowed to mingle in their groups and respective said Gear. A lounge area is available for the players, but even there, it has been advised to follow the rules of the physical distance.

“Just as you have your own bubble social, they follow these guidelines “, he said.

The players are first tested in the morning after their arrival in Vancouver. To start the phase 2 of the arena, a player must have had a negative test in the previous 48 hours. In the future, they will be tested two times per week.

“A little weird, a little uncomfortable, but it is quickly finished,” said Pettersson about the experience of the testing of the collection of the nose.

Gear said that all the tests so far were negative. Once the players have passed their quarantine period and are considered to be free of infection, they will be allowed to return home.

PHOTOS: The visit of Jake Virtanen at the disco Celebrities earlier this week – which has been the subject of many debates on social media – did not break any rule of health, stressed the Gear, but the team still had some reservations as to the output. “Jake has done nothing wrong, but now that we are moving towards phase 2, it’s not just him,” said Gear, adding that the Canucks have recalled at the player of 24 years old the risk to go out in public and that he could expose the entire team, not just him. “Everything revolves around hockey and now he understands. “… Pettersson said that he had followed his routine was usual while he was back home in Sweden and he was led off the ice. This week, this is the first time that he has been skating since the break of the NHL.

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