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The royal couple recently married in a ceremony that only had 20 guests. Additionally, only a limited number of wedding photographs have been officially released by Buckingham Palace.

Over the weekend, a tourist claimed to have spotted the couple driving around the south of France in a “absolutely crowded” small car.A tourist told the Mail on Sunday that Mr Mozzi was driving the couple’s full car.

He said, “It was such a surprise to see them. ”

Princess Beatrice, 31, and Mr Mozzi were said to have initially planned to skip a honeymoon, but decided to head to the European country for a last-minute road trip.

Princess Beatrice and Mr. Mozzi walk out of the wedding ceremony (Image: Benjamin Wheeler / PA Wire / Images PA)

At their wedding on July 17, Princess Beatrice wore a 1953 Norman Hartnell gown borrowed from the Queen.

She also wore a tiara that the Queen donned on her own wedding day to Prince Philip in 1947.

In one of the photos, the royal couple can be seen smiling as the Queen, dressed in blue, gazes at Prince Philip.

Princess Beatrice was led down the aisle by her father and Queen’s son Prince Andrew, who was not included in official photos due to controversies over Jeffrey Epstein, according to the Mail.

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The royal couple’s wedding was planned in haste, according to reports. (Image: Benjamin Wheeler / PA Wire / Images PA)

According to reports, a small wedding reception took place after the ceremony that involved additional guests.

Sources claimed it took place outside in a tent that matched the decor of the wedding itself.

Official wedding photos show a door to a church adorned with white and pink flowers – what observers call the “secret garden” theme.

Princess Beatrice and Mr. Mozzi aren’t the only royal couple to have had a low-key honeymoon.

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City in the south of France

The royal couple were reportedly seen somewhere in the south of France (Image: genekrebs / Getty)

The location of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s honeymoon is still not publicly known to this day – according to reports, only the Queen and Prince William know where they have been.

Like the honeymoon, Princess Beatrice and Mr Mozzi’s wedding was reportedly rushed and arranged in just a few weeks, according to reports.

The couple are said to have planned a trip to Lamu Island – a port and town off the coast of Kenya – where Mr Mozzi’s family owns.

Mr Mozzi is a real estate mogul himself, having founded London-based real estate company Banda in 2007.

Princess Beatrice and Mr. Mozzi standing

The couple were seen by a spectator who said their car was ‘crowded’ (Image: UK Press Pool / UK Press / Getty)

The coronavirus pandemic severely disrupted travel arrangements throughout the year.

Just yesterday, the British tour operator Tui announced that it had canceled all flights to mainland Spain.

This followed the government’s announcement that the travel corridor between Britain and Spain had been canceled over concerns over coronavirus cases in the country.

The government said: “Following a significant change over the past week in the level and pace of change in confirmed cases, Spain has been removed from the list of countries where people do not have to. isolate when they arrive in the UK. ”

Woman with suitcase

Travel disruptions throughout the coronavirus pandemic have been widely reported (Image: d3sign / Getty)

This will mean that anyone arriving in the UK from Spain – including UK nationals returning from vacation – will have to self-isolate for two weeks.

However, there is currently a travel corridor between France and the UK so Princess Beatrice and Mr Mozzi should not have to isolate themselves when they return to the UK.

That could change if the couple move away from France or if the government announces a sudden change in its list of travel lanes.


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