We should’ve fought openness, says Bill Gates


When asked what he learned from the Covid-19 epidemic, philanthropist Bill Gates said the tests must be “10 times faster”.

Gates said he plans to invest in testing for future pandemics.

“We will invest – and I know the US government and other governments will – in setting up vaccination platforms that will allow us to get results very quickly. Likewise, next time we will be able to expand diagnostics 10 times faster than this time. antibodies, we will be able to do them faster, ”he said.

Gates continued: “It’s sad it took that, you know, those deaths, the economic pain, the divisions that we still don’t know how quickly this will end, but they are indeed a priority and the potential to resolve. these things is absolutely there. This is why I was excited in 2015 that even though tens of billions had been invested in these things, this is exactly the sort of thing that could have been stopped before causing any significant damage. ”


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