We put space at the heart of British defense


But Russia is not alone. China is also developing offensive space weapons, and the two countries are improving their capabilities. Such behavior only underscores the importance of the Government’s current review of our foreign, security, defense and development policy – the deepest and most radical since the end of the Cold War.The world I knew as a soldier at the end of the Cold War has changed beyond recognition. He is evolving at an unprecedented rate and the defense must follow. Our adversaries go further, deeper and higher. The binary distinction between peace and war has disappeared.

The Department of Defense that emerges from this review will be a much more threat-driven organization, moving away from what we have grown used to in recent decades and reshaped to operate much more in the newer areas of the world. space, cyberspace and the submarine.

It will be a next-generation defense – its forces prepared for persistent global engagement, ready for constant campaigning, and able to transition between operations and combat as needed. As traditional conflicts evolve and cyberspace and data become the battleground, we must outsmart our adversaries with a clearer technological lead and a constant focus on innovation. Defense has tremendous value to industry and, if properly targeted, will open up employment, skills and export opportunities.

When I arrived at my post a year ago, I never imagined that our military would find themselves responding to one of the most serious crises of modern times in the coronavirus pandemic. The British people have met this immense challenge admirably. It is a privilege to serve them. But we are not going to sit around and wait for the next crisis to hit home. Over the next 12 months, we will build modern, integrated and more resilient armed forces – bringing together regulars, reservists, specialists and non-conventional. Making sure that, whatever it is, our future force has it covered.

Ben Wallace is Secretary of State for Defense


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