“We have dark clouds on the horizon”


The U.S. coronavirus epidemic is worsening and could threaten the recovery of New York after tight closures across the state have helped suppress the rapidly spreading infection, Governor of New York said on Wednesday, Andrew Cuomo.“We have to be careful. We have dark clouds on the horizon and we have made huge progress, “Cuomo said in a press briefing. “We have gone through hell and back, but it is not finished and it can still raise its ugly head anywhere in this nation and in this state. ”

Cuomo pointed out that states like Texas, Florida and Arizona, all of which have seen new cases and hospitalizations increase in recent days, like places that have reopened too quickly and must now close again.

“Now they all sing a different tune,” said Cuomo. “Now they’re all starting to say, ‘We’d better take this seriously. We’d better start wearing masks. They back off on their reopening plan. ”

He quoted comments from White House health adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci as predicting that the United States could exceed 100,000 new infections a day on Tuesday, a sign that current reopenings have exacerbated the epidemic.

Cuomo last week criticized other heads of state for responding to the pandemic, saying that some states that have rushed to reopen their economies are playing politics.

“I’m telling them all to look at the numbers,” Cuomo said last week about states dominated by Republicans who are now seeing an increase in Covid-19 cases. “You played politics with this virus, and you lost. You said to the people of this state, you said to the people of this country, the White House, ‘Don’t worry. Go ahead, go about your business. ,’ ” he said.

Cuomo also criticized President Donald Trump, who downplayed the virus in recent weeks, saying the pandemic is coming to an end in the United States. “He denied the reality of the virus,” Cuomo said on Wednesday.

“Well, you know what, Mr. President? Reality prevails, “said Cuomo.

New York City is an area of ​​the state with dark clouds on the horizon, Cuomo said. He said he supports Mayor Bill de Blasio’s order to delay the resumption of meals inside New York restaurants as scheduled next week. The governor warned that local governments have no legal authority to determine if businesses, schools and restaurants could reopen.

He also criticized local leaders for failing to enforce the state’s face covering requirements and social distancing measures.

“Citizen compliance is declining. It’s a fact, “said Cuomo. “Look at the photos. Look on any street in Manhattan, go to the East Village, go to the West Side, go to Brooklyn, go to Queens, go to the Bronx, citizen compliance slips. ”

However, he said that the New York numbers are currently “going very well.” On Tuesday, 879 people were hospitalized with Covid-19, marking four consecutive days of hospitalizations for fewer than 900 people.

Of more than 56,700 tests carried out on Tuesday, Cuomo said that only 1.1% of them were positive, “which is also very good news.”


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