Watch this Tesla Model Y narrowly avoid head-on crashes: spooky footage from TeslaCam


Imagine you’ve just taken delivery of your brand new Tesla Model Y. It’s time to take a leisurely and scenic stroll by the ocean. Nobody’s in a rush or obstructing the roads today anyway, right? We are in the midst of a global pandemic. Well, think again. It seems the drivers have been even worse during these uncertain times.As you will see in the video above published by non .__ perfectionn on YouTube, this model Y barely escapes the hard knocks at the front. If the Tesla driver hadn’t reacted quickly (or maybe the car’s security systems had helped too), a terrible head-on crash could have been the result.

Everyone knows that you are not crossing the solid lane and crossing a two-lane freeway, you are coming head-to-head in oncoming traffic as you keep turning. Well, maybe not everyone knows that although they should. However, it is much more likely that some people do not care. Not for their safety or that of others. Seems familiar?

Interestingly, in this case, it looks like the continuous line telling a person not to be successful had just ended. As you can see towards the end of the video, the solid no-pass line is visible before the curve. However, at the end of the curve, as it begins to straighten, oncoming cars get a broken line while cars heading for model Y cannot yet pass. So the oncoming car that almost collides with the Model Y was probably legally allowed to pass, but it’s a really bad idea to do it around a curve like this.

Either way, we don’t know whether the Model Y driver avoided the crash on his own or whether the car’s advanced driver assistance systems kicked in as well. What we do know is that being careful keeping control of the car at all times will save your life in situations like this. We also know that agile vehicles with at least respectable acceleration and a low center of gravity are definitely useful. SUVs have a tendency to overturn if you make a quick movement like this. Fortunately, it seems no one was hurt.


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