Watch the original designs of the very first Ford Bronco


An American automaker has announced a new motor vehicle capable of carrying passengers on certain terrains. Ford (headquartered in Dearborn, you may have heard of it) revealed the Bronco 2021 (probably heard of that one too).Yes, it’s been a while, but one of the oldest model names in the automotive world – and one of the appropriate original utility vehicles – is back; transformed, remodeled, updated and ready for just about anything. At least that’s what the aforementioned American automaker Ford claims.

There is no doubt that the new Ford Bronco is absolutely superb. An interpretation of retro inspiration, without falling into the pastiche. Indeed, Ford himself claims that when designing the Bronco 2021, he first 3D scanned the original first generation Bronco from 1965.

Of which, in a rather striking coincidence, we have pictures of here. In the image above – sketched in 1963, a few years before the launch of the Bronco – you can see how clean, simple and downright square the wagon was. Wonderful.

It was also available in roadster and pickup, and it was a chunky little thing: it was just over 3.8m long, which is less than a Fiesta (4m), another car than Ford manufactures which you may have heard of. Or bought in the last ten minutes.

Do you want to know more about this new motor vehicle from this American automaker? Steer this way.


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