Watch Henry Cavill build a computer and experience true joy


A fun challenge for you on this otherwise normal Thursday afternoon: try to get through this five-minute video The witcher star Henry Cavill build a computer from scratch while wearing a tank top without whispering “oh my gracious God” to yourself like a 1950s housewife seeing Elvis Presley for the first time. It sounds easy until you realize that the chunks of fresh oak holding the different parts are actually Henry Cavill’s forearms. You can not do it. I can not do it. It is a scientific impossibility. Nine months after the date of publication of this video, we are going to experience a new baby boom and thanks to the magic of the Internet, all these children will grow up and will know exactly what happened.

Anyway. This is just another salutary reminder that despite being built like the titanium fridge that’s been in your grandparents’ basement since 1926, Henry Cavill is just a huge nerd. He actively campaigned for Netflix The witcher done with him in the main role of hunting monsters and now this show is preparing for season 2. In addition, on the right, he freaks out Superman, and despite some rumbles, Warner Bros. is not sold on another Steel man, Cavill said he hopes to play Kal-El for “the years to come.”

Check out the video below and thank you later. To find out more about what our bulging and veined nerd king is doing, here are the first images of Enola Holmes, the Netflix film in which Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes opposite Millie Bobby Brownit’s Enola.


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