Washington-based lobbyist refused to represent Prince Andrew, New York Times reports


The last letter was sent after Geoffrey Berman, the US lawyer for the New York southern district, the Maxwell investigation unit, was fired by the Donald Trump administration for reasons that remain unclear. The lawyers had hoped that the dismissal of Mr. Berman, who had said the duke refused to cooperate, would allow them to open a new avenue of communication. Duke’s team accused American investigators of breaking their own privacy rules and cheating the public.

The source, close to the duke, said, “The last letter was sent in the past seven days. She was sent after Berman was sacked and just before [Maxwell] Stop. We did not receive a response. “The source added:” We have expressed our willingness to cooperate with the Department of Justice five times, but we do not think we are treated fairly in the process. The Duke is the only celebrity constantly cited by Berman, but there are others who are prominent in the United States, and yet the first person they want to talk to is a British citizen. There are a lot of people they could sue who are more interesting. ”

Ms. Maxwell remains in New Hampshire County Jail, but is expected to be taken to a New York facility and could appear in Manhattan court on Monday to face six charges.

On Saturday, The Telegraph obtained a photo of her sitting on the throne in the throne room of Buckingham Palace after being taken on a private visit – with Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey – from the palace by the duke in 2002. The prince said that he has “no memory” of the incident, but this newspaper verified that he was there.

It was reported on Sunday that more than 20 FBI armed officers and police participated in the operation to arrest Ms. Maxwell from her 156-acre New Hampshire property, called Tucked Away, which she purchased last year. An anonymous police officer told the Mail on Sunday, “We didn’t knock on the door politely. It was destroyed. Maxwell was standing and dressed in the living room, wearing sweatpants and a top. Strangely, she did not show much reaction. It was as if she didn’t register. She was quickly turned over and handcuffed. She was in detention within seconds. ”

The war of words between American prosecutors and the Duke intensified after Audrey Strauss, who temporarily succeeded Berman, said at a press conference that she “would welcome Prince Andrew with us, we would like to benefit from his declaration ”.

The Home Office is considering a request from US prosecutors to agree to assist him in his investigations by facilitating an interview with Prince Andrew under oath, which would likely take place in the offices of his lawyer in London. However, the Prince’s team declared that they were ready to help voluntarily and that such a request under the mutual legal assistance treaty was not necessary.

It is understood that the Duke is ready to provide a statement on his relations with Epstein and Maxwell, but he has already told the BBC’s Newsnight that he was not aware of any criminal activity during his stay in the houses of ‘Epstein, and also had no memories of ever meeting Virginie. Roberts Giuffre, an American woman who claims to have been forced to have sex with him at the age of 17, a claim he vehemently denies.

On Sunday, Ms. Roberts Giuffre, who listened to Ms. Maxwell’s first appearance in court, said, “Prince Andrew should be panicking right now because Ghislaine doesn’t really care about anyone other than Ghislaine. Epstein committed suicide in August 2019 at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, leaving Ms. Maxwell at the center of the investigation.


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