Washing the Super Saturday will see ONE month of rain in 24 hours


THE UNITED KINGDOM will be hit by a month of rain in just 24 hours, while the weather takes a drastic turn on the Super Saturday.

Unusually strong winds and heavy rain are expected to hit the country over the weekend as many Britons rethink their plans to congregate in the recently reopened pub beer gardens.


Saturday will bring heavy rain which should disappear by Sunday
A kite surfer enjoys the wind at Camber Sands, East Sussex, FridayCrédit: Alamy Live News


Man uses his jacket to protect himself from wind and rainCredit: London News Pictures


Two people saw a store on rainy days in downtown Keswick on FridayCrédits: Getty Images – Getty


Strong winds on Friday caused dangerous waves on the north shore of Blackpool

Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates said that, far from the expected bright and sunny conditions, Saturday will be “wet and dreary” with rain and light cloud cover.


“We will see the wettest weather on Friday evening,” he told Sun Online.

“Later Saturday there will be heavy rain which will dissipate Sunday. ”

Between 35 and 50 mm of rain should fall in just 24 hours, ruining the plans of many hoping to enjoy a pint in an outdoor cafe.

This represents up to a month of rain that will hit parts of the country, with Wales and the North West of England being the hardest hit regions.

Keates said: “73mm of rain has fallen at Capel Curig in north-west Wales in the past 24 hours.

“The wettest places we will see will be in Wales and in the North West of England, including parts of the Lake District. “

Two women enter through wet weather at Wimbledon
A mother and child cling to an umbrella in Greenwich Park, London, as strong winds continue to beat the United Kingdom
Two women take shelter under umbrellas during rain showers on Wimbledon Common
Discouraged Buyers Walk in the Rain on Regent Street Crédit: Alamy Live News


Unusually strong winds are expected to affect large areas of the UK on Saturday evening and Sunday.

“Abnormally strong winds are expected to affect large areas of the UK on Saturday evening and Sunday, which could lead to localized travel and power outages,” the Met Office warned.

The unstable weather is due to a low pressure system entering the UK from the west.

Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said: “Conditions will be more volatile on Saturday, with showers beginning in the west during the morning and beginning to move east.

“Although it is not unusually wet during the time of year, some areas of the east could get particularly heavy for an hour or two from mid-morning to early afternoon.

“Growing after that will be a spell of rain showers and low clouds hanging over the UK for the rest of the day. ”

It will remain humid across the country, with highs of 24 ° C in London and the south-east, while central and northern England will peak 20 ° C.

Between 35 and 50 mm of rain should fall in just 24 hours, the heaviest falling Friday evening
The unstable weather is due to a low pressure system entering the UK from the west
Cars cross flash floods as Essex roads are submerged after heavy rain at IngatestoneCredit: Stephen Huntley / HVC.

Maxey said it was due to a low pressure weather system near the UK.

Although the rain will decrease on Saturday evening, the low clouds and drizzle conditions will continue until Sunday.

“The weather fronts will bring more clouds and rain at first, but will clear the sun and showers,” said the Met Office.


Bad weather occurs as pubs, bars and restaurants reopen in England on July 4, after being closed since March to slow the spread of Covid-19.

But the wet weather on Saturday means pubs and indoor places may find it difficult to implement social distancing measures as people may leave beer gardens and outdoor spaces to move around in the rain .

A spokesperson for JD Wetherspoon, who plans to reopen all 750 of its sites on Saturday, said, “The weather is out of our control, but our pubs tend to be three times larger than the rest, we are not so don’t worry that people are inside our premises.

“We cannot predict the weather in England, but we are confident that our customers and staff will be as safe as possible. ”

A spokesperson for Stonegate Pubs, owner of The Slug and Lettuce, said: “In all of our pubs and bars, we are implementing clear and safe socialization measures inside and through our outdoor spaces.

“We encourage customers to book in advance and all reservations work within a time frame that allows us to manage customer capacity and expectations.

“In case of bad weather, we will work with our customers on a common sense approach, adapting where we can those who had to leave the outdoor areas.

“Most customers are likely to check the weather and be prepared for the short periods of rain or drizzle expected. “

A woman runs to shelter from a heavy rain of rain on London Bridge
A group of women huddle under umbrellas and a plastic bag



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