Virtual Tour De France allows elite women cyclists to participate in a famous race, before the start line 2022


Across the West, it’s pretty normal for people to find major Olympic and sporting events accessible to both men and women – with certain women’s competitions like the UFC women’s divisions, the tennis grand slam or the Cup of the FIFA Women’s World that arouse so much interest. like their male equivalent.But for female cyclists, the most prestigious of all competitions – the Tour de France – has been open for 100 years only to male competitors, with the only female equivalent, the “one day course” being a much more modest event.

This year, however, as the Tour de France begins in Nice, France, after being delayed due to Covid-19, a virtual version that will allow competing women to ride a stationary bike on a virtual reality route from the current race, has just ended under the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The online virtual training platform on Zwift bikes, in collaboration with the organizers of the Tour Amaury Sports Organization (ASO), has designed a course where the elite female riders will be divided into 40 teams to complete stages of 6 hours at three weekend courses.

The race will feature world-class cyclists like Marianne Vos from the Netherlands and the world time trial champion Chloe Dygert. Cycling enthusiasts in 130 countries now have the opportunity to watch online the virtual avatars of runners competing in the famous race, throughout the weeks, stage 6 ending on July 19. Stage 3 will take place tomorrow, July 11.

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ASO has already committed to organizing a complete women’s Tour de France on the road for 3 weeks by 2022, and next year it plans to expand the virtual competition to include stages reflecting the whole race in the real world.

Zwift CEO Eric Min told the Telegraph that “ASO has already made a commitment to a women’s race as early as 2022 and we see it [virtual race] as an opportunity to speed up this journey. ”

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