Virtanen Canucks in the spotlight after his visit to the nightclub Vancouver


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The attacker of the Vancouver Canucks, Jake Virtanen, is found at the centre of another controversy on social media.

Virtanen, 23 years old, was sighted on Tuesday evening at the Celebrities, a nightclub in downtown Vancouver at the corner of Burrard and Davie Street.

In a video published on Instagram which has since been withdrawn, the face of Virtanen is clearly visible because he wears no mask. And the winger, the Canucks did not practice the social distancing safely.

Some Canucks turned to Twitter to denounce what they saw as reckless behaviour on the part of the young Canuck, all the more so as the NHL strives to resume a season suspended by the pandemic COVID-19.

Phase 2 of the plan to return to the game of the NHL began on 8 June, but there have been setbacks, ranging from the difficulty to find a key town for the playoffs with several players, including the screening test for the coronavirus is positive.

In the framework of the phase 2, the clubs can re-open their practice facilities to players for participate in training activities are individualised.

When asked about this situation, the Canucks responded that they had been treated with Virtanen. The details of this discussion will remain confidential.

Virtanen has not yet skated at Rogers Arena and therefore is not covered by the protocols of phase 2.
Several Canucks were back on the ice Tuesday morning.

Virtanen will be tested before joining the team.


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