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Two Florida fishermen bit a bit more than they could chew this weekend.During a birthday fishing trip to Cape Coral, Florida, a mother of a fish fought after pulling two anglers while trying to wind it up.

Chew On This Charters, hired to take the group on an open water trip, shared the shocking video footage on their YouTube channel.

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“Mike’s birthday present threw him overboard, took his fishing rod, and then his friend Eric’s girlfriend Jenny caught him with the anchor down,” says the caption.

Ben Chancey, one of the captains on board that day, said that birthday boy Mike, whose surname is unknown, hung a grouper they spotted.

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Mike jumped into the water to get an epic photo with his catch, while his friend, Eric, clung to the rod, eventually getting shot.

Two Florida fishermen found themselves in the water as they attempted to throw a massive grouper over the weekend of July 4th.

Chew / YouTube

“After about 10 seconds of fighting the giant fish by himself, he was pulled down into the tunnel and was lifted overboard by the giant fish,” Chancey told Fox News. “When he passed, he grabbed the side of the boat and then pulled the rod out of his hand.

It was the first time that the captain of a boat had seen two men being shot in the water by the same fish, he told Fox. The goliath grouper weighed 450 pounds, which Chancey described as a “top echelon” catch.

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Jenny told Global News that they released the grouper after making sure he was unharmed and that he had moved away safely.

Possession of a goliath grouper has been prohibited in state and federal waters off Florida since 1990, by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

The law stipulates that the fish must be immediately released alive and free, and photographs can only be taken during the active act of release.

He also mentions that this species of fish should be left in the water, because its skeletal structure cannot support its weight out of the water without some damage.

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