Video shows fight breaks out at busy Wetherspoon pub during Sunday booze


A fight between two distinct groups of people broke out in a Wetherspoon pub during a Sunday session where everyone is supposed to be three feet apart:

Police had to be called to end the incident in the previously quiet liquor district in West Yorkshire, when the two groups began to fight in front of other customers.

The footage shows the staff rushing to end the fight that broke out at the Pont Brisé in Pontefract at 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon (July 5).

Wetherspoon employees moved to try to break up the fight and a customer believes that a staff member was punched.

Credit: MEN Media

The incident comes after police initially praised the behavior of the majority of people who drank on Saturday evening, forces across the county said there had been no major incidents.

Ellie Greenaway, who captured the video, said, “I was sitting eating my meal, and I heard lots of arguments. So I looked up to see a huge crowd running around and someone was hit from behind.

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“The staff got involved to try to break it. They were hit and it got out of hand. Everyone got involved and argued, other people ended up fighting. The director called the police who expelled everyone and closed the pub. “

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said, “We can confirm that a fight has broken out in the pub.

“Fortunately, no one was hit even though the manager was caught by one of the people involved and his shirt was torn. [the] pub but management volunteered to close rather than enforce it.

“We totally condemn this act of violence and will help the police in any way possible. “

Credit: MEN Media
Credit: MEN Media

West Yorkshire police told LADbible: “Police were called on Sunday to report a disturbance at the authorized Pontefract premises at 4:52 pm. Those present on departure left the premises when requested. No injuries were reported.

“Following the liaison with the manager, the pub was closed for a short time. The director was also informed that the premises would be closed if the police were to return the same evening. “

The incident occurred after the pubs reopened for the first time since the announcement of the lockout in March.

Doors opened at 6 a.m. Saturday (July 4) as the government began the process of easing the lockdown rules.

Some bars have taken the decision to only take reservations for slots of two or three hours in order to have a constant flow of customers, while allowing them to keep the number of bettors in manageable figures – and keep the risk of spreading the coronavirus to a minimum.


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