Vaughn Palmer: Partygoers push BC close to tougher COVID measures


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VICTORIA – For Health Minister Adrian Dix, the latest tally of COVID-19 cases was a disappointing reminder why British Columbians cannot afford to be happy with the achievements in fighting the pandemic to date .

Last Thursday, Dix and provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry presided over the release of a landmark study that confirmed British Columbia had one of the lowest rates of infection and number of cases. lower in North America.

Then came Friday and a peak of 28 cases, the largest in weeks. Monday’s numbers were even more dismal, with 102 cases over three days.

“The past few days have reminded us of how COVID-19 can spread, even here in British Columbia, how quickly anxiety can reintegrate our lives in a pandemic,” the Minister of Health told reporters.

“How fleeting success can be when we turn our back on COVID-19, when we let our skills slip, our focus falters and our commitment slips. You cannot trade with COVID-19. “


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