Vanessa Feltz has Eamonn Holmes incest searched this morning


This morning’s advice guru, Vanessa Feltz, horrified viewers of Thursday’s show with an incest comment during her segment where she gives advice to callers.She discussed with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, who replaced Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, the question of blended families.

Eamonn asked Vanessa if the relationship between dads and daughters was particularly special, as he thought.

Vanessa then evoked the Elektra complex studied by Sigmund Freud, which is theoretically the psychosexual competition of a girl with her mother for the possession of her father.

Eamonn asked if fathers and daughters had a special relationship

They were speaking to a caller who complained that his partner had treated his son unfairly in relation to his daughter.

Eamonn asked, “May I say here, fathers and daughters, is there not an excuse to find there?”

“Is there a different relationship, is there a special relationship?” “

“Let’s welcome Sigmund Freud to the show,” said Vanessa

“Ah, well, welcome Sigmund Freud to the conversation, to talk about the Elektra complex! Vanessa exclaimed.

“Yes, there is a father-daughter thing.”

“But if you are trying to start a new family and you are the mother of the son who is not treated with kindness and gentleness, I do not know how much allowance for fathers and daughters you are going to make. ”

Ruth just looked at Eamonn, who was laughing, and later told Vanessa that he was just trying to liquidate them.

An astonished viewer tweeted: “” Let us welcome Sigmund Freud to the program. Excellent Vanessa slapdown on Eammon. #ThisMorning. ”

“Was it a search?” Thought another.

Another commented: “The Oedipus complex? Sorry, but I’m drawing a line to incest! # This morning. ”

* This morning is broadcast on weekdays on ITV at 10 a.m.


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