Vacationers greeted with a sign telling them to “turn around and f *** off” on their way to West Country


West Country vacationers were greeted with a sign telling them to turn around and fuck after making long trips on the M5 and A30 yesterday (July 4, 2020).Amidst traffic jams on key routes across the region, motorists spotted a trio of people standing on a bridge over the A30 at Bodmin with this large, rough cardboard sign.

The M5 was rumbled in places, but most of the congestion passed Bristol and Somerset and towards Exeter, where the highway joins the A30 and A38.

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Hundreds of people took advantage of a further easing of lockdown restrictions when hotel businesses reopened what is dubbed Super Saturday.

Photos posted on social media yesterday also showed a substantial increase in traffic.

Many cars were photographed towing caravans through Somerset to Devon and Cornwall with parking lots at Sedgemoor and Taunton Deane Services filled with caravans and motorhomes.

However, once arrived at the destination, tourists may not have been particularly well received, as some locals expressed disapproval of the influx to Cornwall.

In addition to the three people at the top of the bridge in Bodmin, the Grim Reaper appeared on a roundabout in Dawlish before being moved by two men.

Locals and those working along the highway have used social media to express their frustration, agreeing that many should not travel so soon after the ease of locking, although they are free to make wires

They fear that a sudden influx of tourists may see the rate of COVID-19 infection increase again.


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