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Atlanta mayor yesterday Bas Keisha Lance signed a decree ordering masks in the largest city in Georgia, defying Governor Brian Kempthe decision to strongly encourage, but not require, face covers. This is another flash point between the couple who have already clashed recently over police problems.“Other cities have adopted the approach that they will challenge the governor’s executive order. Savannah has done it, other cities have done it and Atlanta is going to do it today, ”Bottoms told MSNBC. “Because the fact is that Covid-19 is wreaking havoc in our cities, especially black and brown communities with higher death rates. ”

Georgia yesterday again recorded a high number of daily confirmed cases and people hospitalized with Covid-19. The number of people in hospitals rose to more than 2,200 on Wednesday, while confirmed infections jumped by more than 3,400, bringing the state total to 104,000.

David Ferguson wrote a very critical article for us today regarding the approach of Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp.

At no time did science or any interest in the facts drive the governor’s political decisions. Now, as the Republican party belatedly gives in to the need to wear face covers in public, Kemp has joined the pro-mask choir – but only because otherwise there would be no college football season. Because that’s what matters in Georgia: not our neighbors, especially black Georgians, decimated at the start of the epidemic, not the health and well-being of state health workers and their families , but the right granted by God to all Georgians to assemble in outdoor stadiums and watch black bodies crash on a sports field.

Read it here: David Ferguson – In Brian Kemp’s Georgia, college football is more important than the health of our neighbors


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