US politics: coronaviruses die at 1,000 a day as Republicans reflect on relief bill world news


Seattle police retreated to a neighborhood early Sunday, just hours after declaring a riot during large protests in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, near where, weeks earlier, people had created an “occupied protest zone” that spanned several blocks of houses.Some protesters lingered after officers showed up in the eastern part of the department around 1 a.m., but most evacuated soon after, according to a video posted online.

Authorities said stones, bottles, fireworks and mortars were thrown at officers as they attempted to cleanse the area with lightning detonations and pepper spray for several hours.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best called for peace at a late night press conference and told reporters she hadn’t seen any American agents the Trump administration sent to the city at the demonstration on Saturday.

On Twitter, police said they arrested at least 45 people for assaulting police, obstruction and inability to disperse. Twenty-one officers were left mostly with minor injuries.


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