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Kasich to support Biden?

Former Ohio governor and presidential nomination contestant, Associated Press says John Kasich was approached to speak at the National Democratic Convention, a streamlined and mostly online event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next month.

Kasich is also a former congressman and chairman of the committee, an influential Republican who would be quite able to speak against a Republican president – but with opinions and parts of his government record that Democrats, by and large , do not share.

Biden deputy campaign director Kate Bedingfield would not confirm Kasich’s approach but she told the AP: “In terms of Republican supporters, I think it speaks of a career of being able to work from across the aisle, to actually be able to get things done. We welcome the support of anyone who would rather see Joe Biden be president que Donald Trump.  »

Kasich, who ran for the Republican nomination in 2016 and ended up writing in John McCain as his choice for president, criticized Trump for a while. In 2018, he told the Guardian:

I’m not a Johnny-lately come to this… most, people got mad at him and then approve of him and then they get mad at him. I just didn’t work that way … I didn’t feel the public pressure to go and support someone I wasn’t convinced was going to bring the country together.

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20-year-old son of federal judge shot dead in his home

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