Upper Crust owner confirms 5,000 jobs could be lost after drop in customer base


The owner of Upper Crust, SSP, said up to 5,000 jobs were at risk following the drop in passenger numbers at stations and airports due to the coronavirus pandemic.The company said it plans to reopen its branches as soon as the companies resume operations, but that has not happened.

Currently, train passenger numbers have decreased by 85%, while air travel is only a tiny fraction of its pre-Covid-19 levels.

“The reality is that the number of passengers remains at very low levels, which reflects the extent and duration of the current restrictions in place,” said SSP.

He added: “We have therefore come to the very difficult conclusion that we will have to simplify and reshape our activities in the United Kingdom, and we are now entering into a collective consultation on a reorganization project.

“If the pace of recovery continues at the current level, this could lead to the redundancy of some 5,000 roles. “

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SSP Managing Director Simon Smith said: “Covid-19 continues to have an unprecedented impact on the travel industry and on SSP activities in all geographic areas. As a result, in the past three months, the company has taken swift and decisive action to protect the business and significantly strengthen the group’s financial position. ”

But there was hope.

“We are starting to see early signs of recovery in some parts of the world and we are starting to open units as passenger demand increases,” he added.

“However, in the UK, the pace of recovery continues to be slow. In response to this, we are now taking further steps to protect the business and create the appropriate base from which to rebuild our operations.

“Unfortunately, we are entering into a collective consultation which will affect our British colleagues.

“These are extremely difficult decisions, and our main priority will be to conduct the process with care and fairness. ”

He added that the “medium-term outlook” for the company is positive.

“The objective of the action we are proposing today is to ensure that we manage this pandemic, to rebuild our business as demand recovers and, ultimately, to generate long-term sustainable growth for the benefit of all of our stakeholders. “


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