* UPDATE * NBA 2K21 Cover Athletes COUNTDOWN: Next generation star, Damian Lillard, predictions, release date reveal, news, updates and more


The front men for the next 2K basketball game will be revealed this week, but who will it be?

NBA 2K21 made its first major appearance when the PS5 was revealed in June.Now is the time to reveal the stars, and so far we’ve gotten Damian Lillard.

It’s time to count down for our next cover athlete.

The first NBA 2K21 Cover Star unveiled

2K revealed the first cover athlete – Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers!

nba 2k21 damian lillard cover 1
BOOM: The cover certainly catches the eye

We expected the trio of cover athletes to be on each different edition of the game, but 2K took a different path.

Lillard will be the cover athlete for the current platform. So come the day of the release if you buy a NBA 2K21 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia or PC, you will have Lillard’s dunk skywalking on the cover.

There will be a star in next-generation coverage for PS5 and Xbox Series X when these consoles finally arrive.

New generation star unveils date

The next generation star will be announced at 10am ET / 3pm BST tomorrow, 1st of July.

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The big question is who will it be? And where will the third cover athlete appear?

NBA 2K21 Cover Star Predictions

Zion Williamson was at the center of the game earlier this month.

As it was at a PS5 event, we expect Zion to be the next generation star.

NBA 2K21 Zion Williamson Hype Still from the PS5 trailer
NEXT-GEN: Nobody Says NBA Future Better Than Zion

The third cover athlete will likely be on the Legends Edition.

There is really only one choice for the Legends, the recently disappeared and much missed Kobe Bryant.

kobe ​​bryant nba 2k 1
CAPTION: Kobe deserves a place in this year’s game


The promised release date promised

NBA 2K21 will finally announce its release date, price and will open pre-orders on July 2nd. Our current release date window is fall 2020, but details will clarify that soon.

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