UPDATE: Hamilton crosses yellow flags, stays P2


UPDATE: 2 p.m. ET: Lewis Hamilton was allowed to ignore the yellow flags during qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix and will start from second place, despite the elimination of a lap time.
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The defending champion was summoned to the marshals for not slowing down when the yellow flags were displayed at the end of the third quarter, after his teammate Valtteri Bottas died at turn 4. However, Hamilton told the FIA ​​that ‘he had seen green flags, and the commissioners examined video footage showing that there was no clear signal to be observed.

“The driver mentioned that he had passed a green light sign at turn 5,” reads the commissioners’ decision. “The video confirmed that there had been yellow flags and green light panels at the same time and therefore the driver had been shown conflicting signals. Given this, the stewards decide not to take any other action. ”

The light panels changed as Bottas stayed off the track for a number of turns in an apparent attempt not to interfere with the cars still trying to complete their flight laps.

Hamilton was penalized for an incident earlier in Q3, however, while running widely in the final corner, where drivers are warned that their lap times will be lost if they are used to gain an advantage over the current or next round.

“The car left the track,” said the commissioners. “As no laptop time was reached in the round following the infringement, only the time during which the infringement occurred is deleted. ”

The laptop time Hamilton had deleted was slower than the time he had been allowed to stay at the end of the session, so he maintains his second place on the grid alongside Bottas, who took pole from 0.012 s.

12:45 pm ET: Lewis Hamilton’s second place on the grid for the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​in doubt after being summoned to the commissioners for ignoring the yellow flags at the end of Q3.

Valtteri Bottas was in provisional pole position and made his last attempt, crossing the gravel at turn 4. The Finn remained off the track in an apparent attempt to let the others finish their laps, and Hamilton was directly behind his teammate during the incident. arrived, continuing to improve his lap time, but only 0.012 seconds from pole.

However, the defending champion has since been called to the commissioners for “allegedly failing to slow down for the yellow flags” when the Bottas incident was passed, when he was summoned for a second problem as he left the track at turn 10 during its first descent in Q3.

The event notes of the clerk of the course indicate: “A lap time achieved during any practice session or the race by leaving the track and cutting behind the red and white pavement at the exit of turn 10, as the judge the detection loop at this location, will result during this lap time and the next lap time being canceled by the stewards. ”

Hamilton improved on his first lap with his second in Q3.

The six-time world champion was scheduled to see the stewards at 6:15 p.m. local time and could face a grid penalty.


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