Ukraine “inspects black box flight recorders”


Ukrainian officials said on Monday that it was “about ideal” for France to inspect the black box flight recorders of a Ukrainian passenger plane shot down by Iran in January.Deputy Foreign Minister Yevgeniy Yenin told reporters that Ukraine will send two experts to help it with its work and the results suggested by the EU member state will be considered reliable.

His comments were Kiev’s first reaction after French aviation investigators said late last month that they would take the recorders from Iran and begin technical work on July 20.

The Boeing 737 was hit by two missiles and crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran airport on January 8, killing all 176 people on board.

The Islamic Republic admitted a few days later that its forces had accidentally shot down the airliner bound for Kiev.

The black boxes should contain information about the final moments before the aircraft was struck.

Yenin said France would need five days to study the recorders, adding that his government was aware that the recorders could be damaged and that the analysis might not succeed.

“That black boxes are analyzed in France is almost an ideal situation,” he said.

Iran said last month that the coronavirus pandemic, which saw most international flights canceled, has delayed the process of sending the boxes overseas.


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