UK has worst death increase in Europe during pandemic, study finds


This could help explain one of the report’s intriguing disparities, she said. He showed that in London, which has been hit hard by the virus, there is little difference in the excess death rate between people over 65 and those under 65.

In Madrid and Barcelona, ​​on the other hand, there is a huge disparity between those over 65 and the rest of the population, which is consistent with a more deadly disease for older people. Manchester and Birmingham also showed an age disparity, albeit a little less pronounced.

Professor Sridhar argued that England should adopt a policy of reducing new infections to zero, similar to that of the Scottish government. With such a policy in place, she said, it would make sense for the government to screen inbound travelers and impose strict quarantines if necessary.

“Otherwise,” she said, “given the high number of cases in the community, this might be considered a prejudice for a second wave in Europe.”

Last weekend, British officials added Spain to a list of countries in which travelers must self-isolate for 14 days. Now they are watching France, Belgium and Croatia, where there have been new outbreaks. Mr Johnson said he was determined to end a second wave of infections imported by UK holidaymakers.

The rapidly changing politics have ravaged the vacation plans of thousands of people and attracted criticism from the Spanish government and broken tourism businesses.

“We think this is a big hijacking of the government’s inability to handle this in a more sane way,” said Steven Freudmann, president of the Travel and Tourism Institute, a lobbying group for the industry. “The risk of staying home is actually greater than in many of these countries.”

Elian Peltier contributed reporting.


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