UK has ‘window of opportunity’ to eradicate virus before weather changes next month, scientists say


EThe government’s messages were not nuanced enough to communicate the ever-changing situation and the failure to address the limits of understanding damaged public confidence, said Professor Sir Paul Nurse, director of the Francis Crick Institute.“We have constantly heard that politicians follow science. That’s good, of course, but you have fully communicated that, especially at the beginning, science is provisional, it changes, it evolves rapidly, it is uncertain, ”he said.

“You can’t just have a single headline saying we’re following the science. It must be more nuanced. It needs to be more focused on what we know about science and what we don’t know. ”

Instead of facing the reality of what the world did and did not know about the virus, Sir Nurse said the government has tried to save face.

“Trying to look good, rather than facing the problem, damaged the way we responded,” he said.

“When you have a pandemic, knowledge is uncertain,” he added.


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