UK coronavirus live: Shops and police disagree over application of face masks as new law takes effect in England


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said multi-party social protection proposals will be presented in the coming months.He told Sky News: “Well obviously we are investing heavily in social protection, in social protection protection, to make sure that people are well looked after in the social protection sector. , so a global package of around £ 3.7 billion has been spent on local councils.

“We are investing money in the fight against infections, 600 million pounds in an anti-infective program, in social protection.

“And you know the social protection action plan to stop the spread of Covid, the coronavirus, in social services, which is very successful.”

Mr Johnson then addressed what he called “the long-term social care funding plan to ensure that people are protected from the risk of having to sell their homes to pay the potentially exorbitant social care costs that some people face. people are facing. “.

He said, “It’s, if I may say so, it’s a separate thing. We will present proposals. ”

He added: “This is something that we have not been able, as a country, to solve for 30 years.

“It’s a very, very difficult task… but we will be presenting multi-stakeholder proposals in the coming months.”


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