UK coronavirus deaths 10,000 more than expected with actual death toll close to 60,000


The UK coronavirus death toll is more than 10,000 higher than the government’s official toll, new official figures show.The real death toll approaches 60,000 as deaths continue to decline, according to the latest available data based on death certificates.

In the week ending July 10, England and Wales saw their lowest number of weekly deaths involving Covid-19 since the lockdown began in March, said the Office for National Statistics (ONS ).

He said a total of 51,096 deaths involving Covid-19 have occurred in England and Wales through July 10 and have been recorded through July 18.

Combined with the latest data available from Scotland and Northern Ireland, it brings the UK’s actual toll to over 56,100.

Doctors wear PPE when treating intensive care patient (file photo)

The UK government on Monday announced an official total of 45,312 deaths across all settings.

Figures released Tuesday by the ONS show 366 deaths recorded in England and Wales in the week ending July 10 mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate.

That’s down from 532 the week before, and the lowest number of deaths involving Covid-19 since the week ending March 20 (103 deaths).

The report also found that just over 56,100 deaths involving Covid-19 have now been recorded in the UK.

The ONS said 51,096 deaths involving Covid-19 had occurred in England and Wales through July 10 and were recorded on July 18.

Figures released last week by National Records for Scotland showed 4,187 deaths involving Covid-19 had been recorded in Scotland until July 12, while 844 deaths had occurred in Northern Ireland through July 10 (and had registered until July 15) according to the Statistics and Research Agency of Northern Ireland.

Together these figures mean that to date 56,127 deaths have been recorded in the UK, where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, including suspected cases.

The coronavirus has steadily declined

This graph shows where the coronavirus deaths have occurred

The report also revealed:

– The number of deaths involving coronaviruses fell for the 12th consecutive week.

– The number of deaths from Covid-19 has decreased in all parts of England.

– Of all deaths involving Covid-19 up to July 10, 63.5% occurred in hospitals, 29.7% in nursing homes, 4.6% in private homes and 1.4% in hospices.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 8,690 deaths were recorded in England and Wales in the week to July 10, 560 below the five-year average of 9,250.

This is the fourth week in a row that deaths are below the five-year average.

The number of deaths in nursing homes and hospitals in the week to July 10 was also lower than the five-year average (283 and 901 deaths, respectively), while the number of deaths in private residences was 706 higher. than the five-year average.

All but one of England’s regions saw deaths below the five-year average in the week ending July 10, the ONS said.

The exception was the east of England, where the number of registered deaths was just 0.2% above the five-year average.

The other regions were North East England (2.7% below), East Midlands (2.9% below), West Midlands (5.4% below), London (6.6 % below), North West England (7.2% below), Yorkshire & the Humber (7.5% below), South West England (7.6% below) below) and the south-east of England (12.1% below).

The number of deaths involving Covid-19 was highest in the north-west and south-east

The number of deaths recorded in the UK (in blue) fell in the week ending July 10

In Wales, the number of deaths recorded in the week to July 10 was 1.0% below the five-year average.

It comes amid new hopes that a vaccine could be ready by Christmas following a breakthrough by researchers at the University of Oxford.

Sir John Bell, professor of regius medicine at the University of Oxford, said regulators would face a difficult decision whether or not to approve a vaccine.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “Anyone’s hardest job will probably be the regulator who has to ask if this is safe and effective so that it can be deployed to the people. I wouldn’t want that job. “

More than a quarter of all deaths involving Covid-19 were in people aged 90 and over in the week ending July 10.

If regulators say ‘yes’ then ‘there will be a 3.5 billion people queue’ around the world for the vaccine.

But he said there was no chance of completely eliminating the coronavirus from the world’s population, so any form of treatment would be valuable.

“We are never going to eliminate this virus from the world population, we can forget that, it never happens, so I think we have to learn to live with this virus, and if we can stop it from progressing and making it really sick people and killing them is a very good result. ”

Face masks will become mandatory in supermarkets and stores in England on Friday.

Police Minister Kit Malthouse said stores should encourage people to wear face masks.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he said: “There is no intention for the police to stand outside every Asda or Greggs branch and make sure people are wearing masks.

“What we are doing is adopting the same posture that we have taken throughout the lockdown, which is to encourage people to comply.

“We know from previous experience that the vast majority of people will, and that, you know, stores and the like should encourage people to wear face masks if possible, and obviously they are – it’s going to be mandatory.

“But if people resist or refuse to leave the premises or if there is any altercation, then obviously the police will be called and they should attend if it is a matter of public order, as they are. would in any other retail circumstance – if there was a scuffle or conflict that arose. ”


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