UFO sightings across Canada increased during pandemic


WINNIPEG – There has been a significant increase in UFO sightings across Canada during the pandemic, according to a UFO researcher. Chris Rutkowski, a ufology researcher, said Canada keeps track of all UFOs reported over the years.

In 2019 there were 849 cases, a 10% decrease from the year before, but it looks like things – and Canadians – are improving this year.

“We’re looking at increases of around 50% from this time last year, so for some reason people are reporting more UFOs during the lockdown,” Rutkowski said.

Rutkowski said that for the most part the UFO sightings are explainable, but every now and then it causes people to scratch their heads.

“Most of the cases are just ordinary mistakes, misidentification, but there are cases every year, in fact last year there were about three percent that went unexplained, it didn’t seem being planes, stars, fireballs, all of those types of things, ”he says.

Rutkowski added that the reports come from across Canada, coast to coast.

“We get reports from pilots, which state that they are receiving collision alerts on their transponder systems and that there is nothing there,” he said.

“We get reports from air traffic controllers that there are objects in the sky that are not showing on the radar and we get reports from ordinary, ordinary people who look at this sky and say ‘this is not a plane is not a star. It was flashing lights of different colors, we don’t know what it is. ”

Rutkowski hopes the reason there is a spike in UFO sightings during the pandemic is because Canadians are getting out more, working from their backyards, and enjoying nature.

“It’s a beautiful sky over there and there are a lot of opportunities to see some things,” he said.

You can read Ufology Research’s full 2019 UFO report below:

– With files from CTV’s Rachel Lagace.


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