UFC 251 Results: Petr Yan Eliminates Jose Aldo With Punitive Performance To Win Vacant Bantamweight Title


A new bantamweight champion has been crowned at UFC 251 and his name is Petr Yan.

The Russian presented a relentless offensive lap after lap until he finally placed Jose Aldo on the mat at the end of the fight and unleashed a ground and pound attack that bloodied and defeated the former king of the weights feathers.

Yan was declared the winner at 3:24 of the final round as he won the 135-pound title in his seventh fight at the UFC.

“I expected it to be a tough fight,” said Yan while celebrating with the title wrapped around his waist.

With the gold to win, Yan and Aldo were definitely aiming for the finish in almost all foot trades. One of the best moves at the start came when Yan connected with a clubbed right hand that slammed Aldo’s head.

The Brazilian managed to respond with some of his signature kicks, including the one that removed Yan from his feet for a while.

The two fighters landed effectively, but a stampede knocked them to the ground and it was there that Yan reversed the situation in his favor. With Aldo on his back, Yan began to unload a barrage of punches, including a brutal blow to the body that had made the ex-champion grin.

As Aldo managed to get back in the second round using some of the signature kicks that helped him win and defend titles in both the UFC and WEC, the time was not of his own. side in this championship case.

The fighters both landed in the exchanges but Yan connected to the head while digging into the body. Just before the third round expired, Yan unleashed a flurry of punches that made Aldo retreat.

It was a recurring theme as time passed with Yan leaping forward and Aldo starting to fade.

Yan broke Aldo’s nose while paying close attention to the abdomen as he sought to remove the last oxygen from the Brazilian. Finally, with five minutes remaining, Yan lambasted one with another suit before taking up the fight on the ground.

Aldo did not get up.

With the 145-pound former king trapped beneath him, Yan unloaded a relentless series of hammer punches and head punches that saw blood decorating the canvas. It looked like Yan could have made the save several times, but ultimately referee Leon Roberts saw enough and saved Aldo from further damage.

Yan is now the undisputed bantamweight champion as he dispatches Aldo and remains undefeated at the UFC. He will now probably celebrate his victory pending a possible confrontation with the best competitor Aljamain Sterling who is waiting behind the scenes.


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