Two women assaulted, man sprayed with gasoline as police track down three men


Three men are tracked down by police in a series of brutal attacks against two women and two men. Richard Bennett, also known as Richard Shacklady, Adam Moores and Curtis Fox, are wanted by officers who are investigating a series of violent incidents in Skelmersdale.

The three men, in their 20s, are believed to have vital information that could help police after the victims were injured and terrified.

Lancashire Police said the attacks took place between February 28 and July 26 of this year.

In February, two women were attacked before death threats were made and a gun was fired at Feltons.

Shacklady, 29, is wanted in connection with the horrific incident as well as an attack on a man in July.

On Sunday July 26, a man in his 50s was attacked in the Ennerdale area and suffered a number of serious injuries to his face and legs.

Curtis Fox, 24, is wanted for a number of distressing incidents, including threatening to set a man on fire

The next day, two men were spotted in possession of weapons in the Alderly and Abbeywood areas.

Shacklady and Adam Moores, 29, are wanted in connection with the attack.

Curtis Fox is wanted for a number of offenses including death threats, assault, criminal damages, driving without insurance and unauthorized taking of a motor vehicle (UTMV).

In an incident linked to the 24-year-old, a man had gasoline poured on him, through his car window, and threatened with being set on fire, on Glebe Road, Skelmersdale, on 23 July.

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Members of the public are advised not to approach the men if they are seen, but to contact the police immediately.

A Lancashire Police spokesperson said: ‘We are asking for information and urging the public in Skelmersdale to be vigilant about three wanted men.

“Richard Bennett, also known as Richard Shacklady, 29, Adam Moores, 29 and Curtis Fox, 24 (pictured, left to right) are wanted for a number of offenses.

“We urge people not to approach them but to contact the police with information. “

Adam Moores, 29, is wanted over a number of incidents in Skelmersdale

Detective Inspector Richard McCutcheon of Lancashire Police said: ‘We ask anyone with information on the whereabouts of these people to do the right thing and contact the police immediately.

“They are wanted for very serious offenses and we believe the people of Skelmersdale know where they are and who they are associating with.

“We urge anyone who has information on their whereabouts to come forward.

“Any information given to the police will be treated in the strictest confidence. ”

Anyone with information can contact the police on 101. In an emergency, please call 999


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