Two men die in Spain after tourist falls from hotel balcony on man below | News from the world


Two men died in Spain after a British tourist fell from the balcony of a hotel and landed on another man on the ground.

The first victim, who would be 50 years old and would stay in the hotel, fell from the seventh floor of the Melia Don Pepe hotel in Marbella in the wee hours of Saturday morning, according to local media.

He landed on another man, who would be 43 years old and a Spanish national, who was sitting on a terrace on the ground floor, according to El Mundo.

Police were called at 1:45 a.m. and declared the two men dead at the scene.

An investigation was opened into how the man fell.

A Foreign and Commonwealth Ministry spokeswoman told Sky News that she supported a British man’s family “after his death in Spain” and was in communication with local police.


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