Two former French agents sentenced to prison for spying in China: France Info | News



PARIS (Reuters) - Deux anciens agents de l'agence française de renseignement extérieur DGSE ont été condamnés à des peines de prison vendredi après avoir été reconnus coupables d'espionnage pour la Chine, ont rapporté l'Agence France Presse et la radio et télévision France Info.

The judges of a criminal court, which held a trial in camera, sentenced the two men to terms of eight and 12 years respectively for treason, said the two press organs.

A third person, declared by France Info as the wife of one of the former agents, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Details of the case have not been released. France Info and the newspaper Le Monde reported that one of the officers was recalled to France from China in 1998 after discovering that he had had a relationship with a Chinese interpreter at the French embassy in Beijing.

Officials from the Paris public prosecutor’s office were not immediately available for comment.

(Report by Matthias Blamont; Editing by Frances Kerry)



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