Twitter screams scandal over Fox Sports computer-generated Dodgers fans


Baseball is back, and judging by the ratings, fans are happy even though the season begins in midsummer.

But that’s not exactly what baseball fans know and love.

In the COVID-19 era, stadiums are mostly empty as fans are not allowed to attend games in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Cutouts have replaced fans, and while they look a bit creepy, you get used to them quickly. Fans of the San Francisco Giants and Oakland A can even purchase a cutout image to be placed in the stands. If your cutout is hit by a foul ball in an A match, the team will kick the ball to you, according to The Chronicle.

But the lifeless cutouts don’t budge, so in the CGI age, Fox Sports has decided to take it a step further with computer-generated fans in the stands, and the feedback so far has not been positive.

Complaints on Twitter range from “it just looks bad” to being “distracting,” mostly due to the poor implementation of Fox Sports, like an 80s sci-fi movie with bad special effects ( hey, Fox, maybe involving ILM) or a PlayStation or Xbox baseball game.

And if you hate the wave at baseball games, then you are going to really hate computer generated wave at baseball game.

While it’s cool that Tom Hanks does the voice of a supplier to A’s games without a fan, it’s probably not a good idea to see a CGI Tom Hanks peddling hot dogs at A’s games.

Matthew Tom is Editor-in-Chief at SFGATE. Email: [email protected]


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